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Other adjustments

Bulk update

This add-on improves work efficiency for users who work with bulk information every day. This add-on helps you can change necessary system field values quickly, effectively, and simultaneously. Information entered in one field will be changed respectively in all other fields selected with certain criteria. There will be no need to open every document one-by-one to change the information any more.


  • Huge time economy
  • Significant reduction of errors
  • Possibility to change necessary information quickly, effectively, and simultaneously

System usage time filter

This add-on allows you define ERP system usage time periods for user groups and users. When time period has almost expired, system automatically sends an alert, and the user is given time to save necessary information. When usage time comes to deadline, system disconnects the user automatically. This extra allows a company to save money on system licenses. For example, if employees work in two shifts, you can specify the respective starting and ending work time for each employee. Thus, several users can be defined under one license.


  • Even more effective use of system benefits
  • Saving money and licenses
  • Reduction of load on corporate ERP system

Filter library

Filter library provides the possibility to collect and use created filters for specific system user groups or users. For example, you can create a single filter for a department manager and specify which employees of the department can use it. There is no need to waste time on creating filters for each employee every time, if somebody has already done it.


  • Centralized access to created filters
  • More effective use of filters
  • Simplified system use for employees
  • Faster work processes

Printing history archive

You create different reports every day and save them using this add-on. Reports are stored in history archive; you can store and distribute them according to different criteria. This add-on facilitates daily work, because these reports can be used by all other users of ERP system: reports created by one user can be used by others.


  • Centralized access to reports
  • Reduced time spent on creating reports
  • No need to repeat the same processes
  • Printed reports database is created in addition to the ERP system's database


This add-on provides the possibility to specify different exceptions for the filters created. For example, if your company has large information flow, you most-probably need additional criteria to narrow the search. Until now you could specify criteria for a system query to show documents which have, for instance, some specific stock, but now, thanks to this add-on, you can create a query to show documents with no specific stock.


  • Faster search for the necessary information
  • Enhanced filter creation
  • More efficient acquisition and processing of information

Excel Printer

This add-on ensures creation of even more accurate reports. Not only can all the information from reports be printed out, but it can also be displayed in Microsoft Excel application. This add-on provides the additional possibility to process current information. By transferring data to Microsoft Excel application, you can add necessary information or delete unnecessary information, thus creating lucid reports for daily non-standard situations quickly and effectively.


  • Adjustment of information in reports
  • Enhanced possibilities for report creation with requested content

Accounts correlation

Accounts correlationAccounts correlation shows account turnover by correspondent accounts within a specific period. It includes value registered in the debit or credit of one account or group of accounts, grouping data by correspondent accounts. Accounts correlation report calculates debit or credit opening and closing balance of the account specified in the data selection filter.


  • More clear information by correspondent accounts
  • Possibility to work with usual accounting reports
  • Facilitates daily work of accountants

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