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Creditreform solution

Challenging economic situation increasing number of customer overdue invoices puts your company's cash flow at large variety of risks. We have developed the solution to help you avoid situations, when you sell your goods or services to insolvent or almost insolvent customers. This makes easier to monitor your existing and potential customers and their financial standing.

Creditreform solution also helps you keep track of your suppliers to reduce risks of making prepayments for services or goods to a supplier facing difficulties and unable to complete your order.

The solution also helps you monitor the situation with your rivals and their financial position. You will be informed of the latest news in your industry better and faster. If you are the first to receive the latest information about problems faced by any market player in your industry, you will have the opportunity to be the first to start appropriate actions: for example, to buy your rival's properties, take over its customers or best employees.


  • Reduces risks of losing your company's money or goods because of insolvent partners;
  • Fully automates information acquisition of changes in your customers, suppliers, and rivals' solvency;
  • Monitors credit rating information of your partners faster, simpler and more efficiently;
  • Updates information automatically on a daily basis or according to specific settings;
  • Forecasts insolvency of your partners for the next year based on existing solvency history.

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