Microsoft Dynamics AX


Microsoft Dynamics AX (former AXAPTA) is a technologically modern and challenging enterprise management program (Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP).

Key advantages of Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • Suitable for establishments and enterprises of all business sectors, because it enables to choose a suitable package of functions,
  • Suitable for multiple user installation and for hundreds of users as well,
  • Safe database enables to operate both few Gb volume and large Tb volume,
  • Localized and single installation also for a branched group (holding) with many affiliated companies in several countries.
  • Lower requirements to user computers and connections to computer networks, as Microsoft Dynamics AX is based on an innovative 3-tier client / server architecture, which distributes the load between the servers,
  • A high level of business data security thanks to the application of such database management systems as Microsoft SQL and Oracle Database,
  • There is no necessity in an unsafe and expensive data replication mechanism between the affiliated companies,
  • Low implementation and IT infrastructure maintenance costs and broad process control opportunities for the installation of the centralized enterprise management system,
  • Shorter adjustment development time as Microsoft Dynamics AX applies MorphX development instruments (for menu – Menus, for the screen form – Forms, for reports – Reports),
  • Easily expandable and integratable with other enterprise systems in the common enterprise IT infrastructure, including WEB services and applications,
  • Easily separable adjustments, which facilitates the transition to new versions thanks to the level of the applied technology, which separates the common or global functionality, particular state localization, industry and adjustments developed for a particular client,
  • Deeply integrated with widely applied Microsoft Office software (Excel, Word, SharePoint etc.)
  • High-speed reports, which apply large volumes of data, because Dynamics AX is tightly integrated with Microsoft SQL Reporting services, thereby enabling the users to supplement the existing and generate new reports on their own,
  • Convenient multidimensional analysis of accumulated data in Microsoft Excel applying the OLAP technology data cubes.

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